Enhance Patron Experience and Convenience Without Sacrificing Security

No matter your type of hospitality business, customers increasingly demand both convenience and an engaging experience at the point of sale. Enhance the customer experience while enjoying PCI compliance and improved efficiency for your business. Quick service restaurants and other hospitality or lodging operations can provide an engaging and interactive experience at self-serve kiosks and at the POS. 

Mobile devices and tablets are changing the way patrons at table service restaurants in particular interact with your business. The days of diners handing over personal credit cards to wait staff at restaurants are numbered. Secure mobile payment acceptance and customer interaction provides convenience and a new, enhanced service for patrons. 

  • Convenience and mobility for enhanced patron experience
  • PCI compliance and cardholder security
  • Improved efficiency for patrons and businesses alike
  • Full NFC and EMV support
  • Consolidated reporting and management of multiple payment solutions

We're ready with solutions to help you accommodate this growing opportunity to provide end-to-end payment security while providing customers a pleasant and convenient interaction with your business. Verifone offers you the flexibility to accept payments with a swipe of a traditional card on a tablet reader device or PCI-compliant kiosk. Or your patron can simply wave or tap an NFC-enabled mobile device to pay. 

Verifone's customer-facing payment solutions for restaurant and hospitality take you out of the costly payment security compliance business. So you stay focused on the business of providing great service to your patrons.

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